About American Bath Factory


About American Bath Factory

For almost three decades, American Bath Factory has been America's first choice for Old World, Vintage and Retro bath products. Our vision is to make high quality bathtubs, faucets, shower systems, and furniture pieces that are easy to install and enjoyable to use. Our pursuit of that vision has helped us to create a line of elegant and innovative bath products that perform as beautifully as they look, and a long list of satisfied customers!

Our ongoing commitment to innovation is best illustrated by what we have accomplished through out the years. As the innovations continue through our US based and international manufacturing facilities, we continue to expand our line, adding new products in the latest trends and designs so that you can find the look and style that fits you best.


15 Reasons Why Our Products Are Superior

Acrastone - Durable material that is stronger than cast iron

1) AcraStone - Durable material that is stronger than cast iron

AcraStone is the only material durable enough to carry our exclusive Limited Lifetime warranty. You can count on your American Bath Factory bathtub to be beautiful, strong and dependable for years to come. AcraStone is thick, strong, and warm to the touch. The color is chip and wear resistant with a porcelain-like surface inside and out.

Double Shell and high-gloss shine

2) Double shell and high-gloss shine

Our bathtubs are made with TWO sheets of reinforced acrylic bonded together by a stone/resin compound. Each bathtub has an inner and outer shell with an unmatched high-gloss shine inside and out.

Thick polishable acrylic surface

3) Thick polishable acrylic surface

Our bathtubs are 1/2" thick, or thicker, depending on the style of the bathtub. The high gloss surface material is 1/4" thick and can be buffed over and over again to repair scratches, or simply to restore the shine.

Stronger but lighter than a cast iron bathtub

4) Stronger but lighter than a cast iron bathtub

Our AcraStone bathtubs are lighter, stronger, and more durable than a cast iron bathtub. A cast iron bathtub requires more floor support, more labor to install, and is more expensive to transport.

Better heat retention

5) Better heat retention

Acrylic's natural warmth and the thickness of our bathtubs combine to preserve heat much longer than a cast iron bathtub.

Jetted clawfoot bathtubs, Caspian, and Champagne Massage

6) Jetted clawfoot bathtubs, Caspian, and Champagne Massage®

We are the first to put a full-blown whirlpool system inside a Victorian clawfoot bathtub. The result is a flawless blend of old-world fashion and contemporary ingenuity. Our Champagne Massage® Bathtubs are equipped with up to 182 air jets.

Champagne Massage® Air-Jet system

7) Champagne Massage® Air-Jet system

You will feel like you are floating on air while bathing in your Champagne Massage® bathtub by American Bath Factory. Air is forced through precisely placed air channels and comes out the strategically placed air-jets, creating invigorating bubbles for a relaxing and therapeutic bath massage.

Hand crafted design, good looking from all sides

8) Hand crafted design, good looking from all sides

American Bath Factory has paid close attention to detail; our feet are elegantly crafted to give a finished look from all angles of viewing.

Limited Lifetime warranty

9) Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our AcraStone Bathtubs are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which gives you confidence in quality and peace of mind in your American Bath Factory purchases.

Fully adjustable, high-flow jets

10) Fully adjustable, high-flow jets

American Bath Factory uses a 1 hp pump to power our whirlpool therapy systems. We also use fully adjustable and high flow 10gpm jets.

Thermostatic Control Valve

11) Thermostatic Control Valve

Our Thermostatic Control Valve is used to control the water temperature coming into your bathtub or shower. Set it once and forget it. This valve is pressure balanced to prevent scalding.

Solid brass faucet with ceramic disc cartridges

12) Solid brass faucet with ceramic disc cartridges

All of our solid brass Victorian faucets are equipped with ceramic disc cartridges that require no rubber washers or seats. They come with a Limited Lifetime warranty and are the most reliable and precise cartridges in the industry.

Old World Finishes, timeless look of Old World elegance

13) Old World Elegance

Our Old World Bronze is one of our most popular color finishes. Give yourself a little bit of old world elegance with our Old World Bronze.

Classic look of an authentic aged stone

14) Classic look of an authentic aged stone

Our Stone products offer the look of timeless elegance. The decorative pieces in our collection are truly classic, giving the appearance of authentic aged stone. Our Stone products are non-porous, so they will not absorb water or soak up most typical staining elements. Simply rinse off any spills. Clean up is as easy as rinsing with soapy water.

Ahqua Water System

15) Ahqua™ Water System

Introducing the latest innovation in faucet design, the Ahqua™ Laminar Flow Water System; the first spout-less faucet providing unobstructed access to a clear and clean stream of water at your fingertips.