The beauty, elegance and durability of real stone has been combined with innovative technology and materials to create a variety of luxurious and stylish Sistine Stone™ pieces that add a touch of old world elegance to any decor. The decorative pieces in our collection are truly classic, give the appearance of authentic aged stone reflecting the colors of renaissance works.

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American Bath Factory pre-fabricated shower pans eliminate the cost and time wasted ways of the past. With triple layer protection, our pans deliver quality and dependability well into the future. shower pan detail

A non-porous surface that does not support the growth of mold and mildew.

Resin bond that holds both A and C together.

Fiberglass Membrane

A strong, dense, closed-cell polyurethane core adds strength and is resistant to water or leaks.

Another layer of Fiberglass MembraneSistine Stone Shower Kits


American Bath Factory Shower Kits will save you time with our pre-manufactured pans, walls, shampoo shelves and benches. Our craftsmen have invested over 62 hours in building each shower kit, making your job of installation and assembly much easier.


Our Shower Kits work grerat for replacing one piece shower stalls. They are designed to fit through any size door and easily fit into small bathroom spaces.






American Bath Factory has eliminated the historic problems in working with heavy glass. Our shower glass panels and doors are designed with fine tuning and adjustable capabilities, this enables the installation of the glass when the walls are not perfectly straight. Our 3/8" premium tempered glass is perfectly measured for your Grand, Lux or Supreme shower kits, making the process of installing glass doors an easier one.



At American Bath Factory, we have expert craftsmen that have pre-fabricated the pans, walls and decorative pieces on a quality controlled production line. This enables us to deliver to you the best quality product. Created from quartz and granite, Sistine Stone has a classic and aged look with soft, earthy, natural hues that are in tune with nature. No two tiles are alike, each are unique with subtle colors running throughout the stone, with the softest ivories to the rich shades of golden honey. Easy to clean, and is stain, mold, and mildew resistant. Easier to maintain than natural stone.



Create a perfect combination of mosaic stone and glass tiles with our Medium or Natural Sistine Stone Showers, and you will generate our Java or Venatino Style. If you are a lover of natural earthy tones, you will fall in love with our Java Style Shower System. Or maybe you prefer the soothing hints of blue and grey glass tiles are mixed with natural stone tiles that will give you a clean and relax feeling. Both of the pre-manufactured floor and wall liner will have this beautiful mosaic tile decoration pre-grouted into your shower system. Order a sample of our Java & Venatino Mosaic Tile here.